World Blockchain Forum Set the Tone in New York to Discuss Security Token Offerings and Stable Coins

October 19 01:25 2018

New York, United States – October 18th, 2018 – After organizing three blockchain conferences in London, Singapore and Korea, World Blockchain Forum Corp. (WBF) is honored to bring the World Blockchain Forum to New York, at the Hilton Midtown, on November 8th and 9th, 2018.

This intimate two-day conference will see the gathering of key blockchain pioneers, executives, and rising figures in the field who will discuss the hottest topics surrounding blockchain technology, which include, but are not limited to, Token Economy; Blockchain Investment; Enterprise Blockchain; BlockTech in Financial Services;  Public and Side Chains; Ethereum Technology and Applications; Cryptocurrency; Mining and Exchange, and more.

Some of the most highly anticipated topics to be discussed during the World Blockchain Forum is those of Security Tokens Offerings, the keys to investing in compliant tokens, and Stable Coins, the cryptocurrency project aiming to facilitate Bitcoin’s mass adoption and application. STOs protect investors from risks and lack of regulations by ICOs, as they are seen as more stable and legitimate than ICOs. They can provide investors reassurance as they are backed by tangible assets such as stocks, real estates, fund or art works. And the offering of this security tokens are traded at token exchange in which regulated by the state governments, such as SEC in the United States, Bafin in the German etc.

For STOs, there are four types of structures, Tokenized VC Funds, Share-like Tokens, Asset Backed Tokens, and Crypto-Bonds. All of the four types for STOs have great potential in completely changing the investment type in the future. Not only they provide a way for companies to initial cryptocurrencies, they also connect the virtual investment tools with tangible financial assets, including stocks and commodities. For example, in real estate, STOs will create new investment opportunities and the real estate can be tokenized for sale to numerous of potential investors.

“With the future of fintech market lies in security tokens,” WBF Co-Founder Zhao Sheng said, “in the coming year of 2019, we are stepping into a new era to legitimize virtual assets and to build a brand new market with worth of billion dollars.”

WBF will feature cryptocurrency and blockchain experts who will explore potential answers to questions such as why security token offerings could be the next big crypto megatrend, how security tokens will revolutionize finance, and how the legal environment will be improved by STOs. Attendees will experience a comprehensive introduction from experienced industry experts including Nelson Chu, Han Verstraete and Alex Nascimento, who will offer invaluable insights into the technology and application of security tokens.

World Blockchain Forum New York Invited Speakers:

Timo Lehes, Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer, Swarm Fund

Dan Doney, Co-Founder & CEO, Securrency

NELSON CHU – Founder & CEO, Lumenary

World Blockchain Forum New York Highlights:

Explore Opportunities To Join The Revolution

Blockchain technology has already significantly changed the future of finance, as it has the potential to revolutionize the way financial data is stored and transmitted around the world. Just like Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Leon Louw once said, “Every informed person needs to know about Bitcoin because it might to be one of the world’s most important developments.”

One of the highlights in the 4th World Blockchain Forum is the exchange panel. WBF Corp. is going to invite 10 top-tier Bitcoin exchanges, such as OKCoin, to share the latest news and information in the Bitcoin industry.

Bridging The Talk Between The Eastern And Western world

While regulatory agencies around the world are still catching up to an ever-changing system, and many are in a state of disagreement about where blockchain fits into the future of the international commercial ecosystem, the legal status of cryptocurrencies, and the regulatory frameworlk around them varies.

As the global platform to bridge the Eastern and Western worlds in an interactive setting, WBF has invited three to five experienced lawyers to give attendees a one-of-a-kind opportunity to receive free, one-on-one consulting services with regards to regulations in the blockchain industry, as well as to discuss regulatory status of cryptocurrencies in the United States and East Asia. A cross-border conversation has been constructed on the most frontier and sensitive topic in the blockchain industry.

“If a technologh holds immerse potential, the process of application will be long and awaiting in time.” WBF Co-Founder Zhao Sheng said. “We are witnessing an unprecedented digital migration of wealth onto blockchains of various forms so we need to start working towards a global blockchain industry consensus. And the best way to achieve consensus is to gather all stakeholders together within an ecosystem founded on consensus, which is why we organise the World Blockchain Forum.”

About The World Blockchain Forum

The World Blockchain Forum (WBF) Corporation was registered in New York, USA, in 2017 and its first WBF event took place March 26th-27th, 2018, in London, United Kingdom.

From the outset, WBF positioned itself as the premier event at the cutting edge of global distributed ledger technology (DLT or “blockchain”), an interconnecting platform for global blockchain stakeholders, and a place where leading authorities and innovators can listen and be heard.

As the blockchain sector’s leading event, WBF is able to invite, inform, and influence leaders in government, academia, media, and business who may still view blockchain with scepticism.

Now an established event, WBF has set out its primary objectives as follows:

  • Influence the culture and direction of the blockchain industry by bringing all stakeholders together within a single trusted DLT-enabled ecosystem
  • Become the premier venue for investors to find new blockchain projects
  • Become investors’ most trusted guide on worthy new projects
  • Become a reliable source of news on the blockchain industry and projects
  • Become the biggest stage for the launch of new blockchain projects
  • Offer ICO services to new blockchain projects
  • Offer investment services for blockchain investors
  • Offer a meeting place for developers, experts, advisors, professionals, service providers, and prospective employees and team members

We invite all interested parties to join the 4th World Blockchain Forum, November 8th-9th, 2018 in New York at the New York Hilton Midtown.

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