Kuester CRE Offers Guidance on Special Use Permits

November 06 18:45 2018
In a new statement to the press, commercial real estate development company Kuester CRE explains what special use permits are and why they can be necessary.

Commercial real estate development requires robust knowledge of local laws and ordinances—including zoning considerations. In developing any commercial building, it is important to know how the property is zoned, and what permits are necessary in order for the building to be completed. In a new statement to the press, Kuester CRE weighs in on these issues, specifically highlighting the role of special use permits.

“Most communities are split into different zones by the local zoning commission, and each zone is designated for a certain use,” comments Shaw Kuester, President of Kuester CRE. “So for example, you may have one zone that’s cleared for retail, and another that’s purely for residential housing.”

Special use permits can be sought when a tract of land is desired for a purpose other than what it is zoned for. “A special use permit allows you to develop the land for your intended purpose—regardless of what the zoning restrictions say,” Kuester explains.

These permits are used fairly often. “Local zoning commissions often don’t encompass things like funeral homes, hospitals, schools, or cemeteries, to name just a few examples—so a special use permit is needed to build any of these structures,” Kuester remarks.

The process of obtaining a special use permit involves going before the local zoning commission, in what is typically a public hearing. “Local homeowners or business owners might show up to protest, especially if you’re looking to do something that could be disruptive or bring in a lot of noise or traffic,” Kuester says. “Be ready for that.”

The best way to handle these proceedings, he concludes, is to hire a commercial real estate company. “A partner like Kuester CRE can help you obtain whatever permits you need, quickly and without hassle,” says Kuester. “That can be invaluable to you as you prepare for a commercial real estate project.”

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