April 15 13:44 2019

To create long-lasting change in life, you will have to cause significant pressure or pain, either today or in the future. Tony Robbins has been helping business people, entrepreneurs and organizations make changes in their lives and earn more.

Robbins work has also touched many entertainers such as Green Day, Aerosmith, Pitbull, and Usher. Some of the athletes that he motivated include Serena Williams, Golden State Warriors, and Andre Agassi. The world business billionaires have been going for his advice too, they include Paul Tudor Jones, the hedge fund manager, and the founder of Salesforce Marc BenIoff.

Tony Robins has worked with Dean Graziosi to develop a new program known as The Knowledge Business Blueprint I. The two combined everything that they know to come up with a single digital training course that comes with bonus logistic mindmint software. That means, people will not need to attend the live seminars of Tony Robbins anymore, because they can use their computers to learn and promote other individuals.

Robbins believes that no one was born great. Everyone is amazing, but you will need some shaping and growth to become a great person. He also believes that everyone has the ability to become great regardless of his location or family background. Moreover, all people have different paths to greatness and some will have to pass more challenges than others do. If you are able to smile when life is tough, you will manage to conquer anything because that might be all you need to conquer the obstacles in life. If you have the power and will, you just need a plan to achieve what you need. In this case, Robbins offers a mastermind formula.

Robbins and Graziosi have done many masterminds and therefore they know what is important for them to be successful. They have covered all that in the training. However, they have not covered the logistics part. They spent more than $500,000 to develop the Mindmint software and they have used it for most of their masterminds.

On April 30th, 2019, Tony and Dean will do a live online training to show you how to create masterminds or collaborate with other people to create them. At the end of the training, they will sell the $2000 course known as “The Perfect Mastermind Formula” in addition to the “Mindmint Software”.

On April 19th, you will be able to invite your followers to enroll for Tony and Dean’s live training. Between 19th and 29th April, your primary goal should be to get the largest number of followers possible to enroll for the training. And your goal on 30th April should be to get the largest number of followers to attend the live training.

The fun will begin on 30th April. Between 30th April and 10th May, your goal will be sending many followers to purchase “The Perfect Mastermind Formula”. In this level, you will manage to earn $1,000 per order in addition to many other prizes. The training is good for people from all industries.

Tony Robbins has empowered millions of people and you might benefit from his programs. To use make money from his programs, you just need to attend the live training. He is offering 50 percent commission on every sale, which is equivalent to $1,000. Tony and Dean will send you the marketing assets you need to start making cash.

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