September 26 14:33 2017

26 September, 2017 – Kickstarter, an enormous global community well known as a platform to help bring creative projects to life proudly announces the launch of an amazing game FRAUD.  A simple yet challenging card game, based on the exploits of some very infamous fraudsters, players try to be the first to bank one million any way they can, in a fast moving game of wit and memory that guarantees hours of fun.

“Have you got what it takes to pull off the biggest FRAUD of 2017 right in your own home?  Are you one of those people who just love old school board and card games, and the riotous fun that only sitting face to face around a table with friends and family can generate”.  Kev Knowles, the game’s creator, said KanDi Games has one goal with all their games, “All for Fun and Fun for All”.

ASingle Deck is designed for 2 – 6 players, and a Twin Deck for 4 – 12 players.  The game is suitable for anyone 10years and above. There is a free ez-FRAUD scoring app which comes in 3 modes for Apple, Android and MS Excel and there’s also a detailed video to easily demonstrate how all the scoring functions.

It’s a game that fosters family fun, allowing parents to play with their kids, and perhaps learn to read their faces when there’s not much at stake, and just maybe they will be glad they did in a year or two.  No two games are ever the same. Parents can relax and let their kids keep score with the free ez-FRAUD app and say goodbye to the traditional pencil and paper method. Ez-FRAUD gives adults a break, helps to make scoring fun and gives their children an excuse to stay connected while enjoying some real fun.

The Kickstarter campaign includes the opportunity for early backers to have a fun custom caricature, behind cell bars, added to the face of all the playing cards. Corporate Fraud is also available for companies looking to promote their business with either a caricature of Fraud’s very own Jailbird Joe,or a personalized caricature of the CEO or owner and a company logo on a custom Fraud Twin Deck, which is a very welcoming idea when one is looking for something different to give to clients, customers and employees.

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