February 13 06:18 2018

February 13, 2018 – Helenskit, a brand that is known for quality in the area of providing cups that promotes a healthy living proudly announces the launch of their highly demanded stainless steel cups on Amazon.  The stainless steel cup comes in a pack of 5cups which was made to suit the needs of their prestigious customers.

We thought of a solution that could reduce significantly the disposal of plastic cup waste which has been a threat that chokes our landfill. We also wanted to come up with the product that will be usable and acceptable to a wide range of users including bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, community groups, cafes and all kind of businesses. After all of the brainstorming, we finally have Helenskit stainless steel cups,” said Helen Pomohaci of Helenskit stainless steel cups.

The stainless steel cup was birth from the concept of reinventing throw away plastic beverage containers. They are made of the highest quality food-grade 18/8 stainless steel which is stackable, rugged, easy to transport, unbreakable, very convenient for all and sundry, indestructible and endlessly reusable. The cup is health friendly as it impacts a clean taste with no metallic flavor.

Helenskit stainless steel cups is just perfect for water, juices, milk, iced tea or coffee, beer, cocktails, smoothies and any kind of beverage. The cups are very easy to clean and maintain, resistant to bacteria, rust and oxidation, they are also built to last a lifetime.

Their stainless steel cups are also stylish and are great for use for all age groups. The cups are the best, designed to ease the transition of one’s toddler from breast, sippies or baby bottles into regular cups. The cups are not sharp when drinking out of them because it comes with many conveniences on the lips.

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