Shalamrood, First Iranian Horror Movie, Launches IndieGoGo Project for Production Funds

February 26 13:49 2015
The first Iranian horror movie, Shalamrood, is based on a folk story of a strange village where young men find terror beyond imagination. Now, director Siavash Tofighi brings this story to life and is launching an IndieGoGo Project to collect production funds.

Shalamrood is based on an Iranian folklore and children’s story. Believing that Iranian cinema needs horror in order to purge negative emotions and allow healthy outlets for fears, director Siavah Tofighi brings this old story to life with this film and has launched an IndieGoGo campaign at to pay for production costs.  

In the story of Shalamrood, a group of men go in search of a childhood story to find the village of Shalamrood and the iconic Hasani, hero of the story.  However, when they drive to the village they have located, they find mixed opinions on the part of the villagers.

Some say Hasani is still alive and they have seen him, while some say the story is just folklore and the villagers killed him.  On one point all of the villagers are united, however; all of them warn the young men not to go looking for Shalamrood or they will never come out.  The group of men keep to their journey to find Shalamrood in an eerie and isolated location, but what they imagined is nothing compared to what they must endure.

About Shalamrood:  

Shalamrood is the first movie of its kind.  A pioneer Iranian horror movie based on popular folklore, Shalamrood is now the subject of an IndieGoGo project to raise production funds with various levels for donors to participate.


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