U.S., Iran reach historic nuclear ‘understanding’

April 03 03:45 2015

Iran and six world powers on Thursday agreed on “key parameters” for resolving a long-standing dispute over Iran’s disputed nuclear program, which has left the Islamic nation economically isolated. “Today we have taken a decisive step. We have reached solutions on key parameters for a comprehensive future nuclear deal,” said European Union Foreign Affairs Minister Federica Mogherini, in formally announcing the deal.635635781811994610-EPA-epaselect-SWITZERLAND-IRAN-NUCLEAR-TALKS

She said Iran would not produce weapons grade fuel and that international monitors will have enhanced access to Iran’s nuclear facilities. She also said that sanctions would be “terminated” but did not specify the timetable, which has been a key sticking point of the negotiations. Iran wants them lifted immediately, while the United States wants most of them in place until Iran follows through on terms of the deal.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif called the agreement a “major step forward.” Earlier, Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani tweeted that negotiators had agreed on “parameters” of a deal that would allow them to conclude a final agreement in June.

“Big day: #EU, P5+1, and #Iran now have parameters to resolve major issues on nuclear program. Back to work soon on a final deal,” Kerry tweeted shortly before making a formal announcement in the Swiss city of Lausanne. “Key Parameters” of a nuclear deal were reached Rouhani tweeted. The agreement aimed at curbing Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for lifting of tough financial sanctions came two days after an original self-imposed deadline for a deal. It will clear the way for tough talks on a final, technically complex written agreement by June 30.