Industry upstart ATLA, LLC. steps up efforts to help merchants engage with consumers and grow their business with the release of APITAP, its revolutionary all-in-one digital marketing platform

October 13 23:57 2021
Apitap leads the charge in helping merchants with their sales, marketing, and advertising efforts by giving them the resources, tools, and features that will help them rise above the cutthroat competition and succeed.

Industry innovator ATLA, LLC. has launched APITAP, its revolutionary all-in-one digital marketing platform that helps merchants engage with consumers and grow their business.

“To reach the most customers, merchants need to be able to customize their ads as needed, to display what they want, when they want, and how they want. That’s where Apitap comes into the picture,” Krestina Torossian, Chief Marketing Officer, said in a statement.

Merchants can even use Apitap’s universal unified digital marketing tools to promote their services and products through mobile apps to allow them to reach consumers immediately, both fast and efficiently.

The platform offers an all-in-one digital marketing solution, allowing merchants to create ads in real-time that can be targeted to specific devices, times of day, and locations to display, even inside their store or in their storefront windows. 

“In business, cutthroat competition requires merchants to be two steps ahead and should shift gears and direction at a moment’s notice to gain the most sales,” Krestina Torossian stressed.

Apitap provides merchants with their own branded storefronts inside the Apitap Online Digital Shopping Mall to promote and use as a basis for growing their business. Merchants will have all the benefits and features of the mobile app, plus even more ways to promote and develop their business, including promoting their storefront with its own URL and targeted cross-sale promotions.  

With this innovative platform in place, merchants get the chance to have customers use their Apitap storefront to interact with and follow them. Whenever a consumer buys in Apitap, they get to know the businesses better and can return quickly at any time. Consumers can even share a merchant’s contact details and services through social media. Through Apitap, merchants can regain customer loyalty and repeat business, along with building word-of-mouth advertising.

Apitap takes true customer engagement to the next level by incorporating real-time messaging throughout their system. The unique platform offers a top-notch feature where merchants can send announcements, promotions, and messages in real-time to help customers know about special offers, discounts, and deals and engage with them directly to guide their purchasing.

Apitap also provides participating merchants with their own ad network, one of the platform’s top promotional tools. Merchants use it to create ads that can be used anywhere, from in-store displays and the Apitap mobile app to Apitap’s Online Digital Shopping Mall. 

As an integrated part of the Apitap platform, everything that merchants have entered will automatically appear in their online storefront in the Apitap online digital mall.

“There’s nothing to re-enter, and merchants can manage it from the same portal they are already using as Apitap subscribers,” Krestina Torossian said. Merchants can check back or subscribe to Apitap’s news announcements to get updates as the company expands the Apitap platform even further over the coming months.

Those who want to learn more about Apitap and the entire list of services it offers may visit the website for more information.

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