Scott Foster, the Founder of Asana Hawaii Activewear, Inc., Reaches out in the Spirit of Aloha.

July 07 03:30 2022
Tested and perfected with the help from CrossFit Athletes, Yoga Instructors, and Lifeguard’s right here in our Island’s.

July 6, 2022 – As the Lead Designer of Asana Hawaii, Scott has introduced his unique designs on activewear and swimwear to inspire an aloha spirit. His colors and styles make the brand stand out with the beauty of a Hawaiian lifestyle.

Scott is always learning, growing, and refining his unique designs with the customer in mind. It starts with understanding that customer. They want comfortable and stylish activewear that can be worn multiple times, from the gym to work. Also, when they look in the mirror, it must appeal to their individual needs. This includes whether it’s a stretchable, moisture-wicking, form-fitting fabric that allows easy exercise movement.

Scott’s passion for art began as a watercolor artist at an early age and exploded once he discovered placing his designs on fabric. That first happened while working at a t-shirt shop. It was amazing to see the art blending on the shirts that the customer fell in love with.

Then the years went by, and life marched on. Meanwhile, he started a career and a family while planting deeper roots in Hawaii. All the while still painting, drawing, and designing. Yet, it wasn’t enough.

Fortunately, life is filled with endless possibilities, and a door can open when you least expect it. In Scott’s case, it occurred through a sudden, traumatic injury. There he was, helping a customer, when he slipped and fell. The pain was excruciating. He shattered his ankle in a work-related accident that left him unable to walk for nearly six months. Surgery and rehab followed.

Since he couldn’t walk, he realized that he had the opportunity to build a website and share his unique designs through social media. So, with his leg in a cast and propped up on a pillow, the focus was on the dream that must become a reality. The passion and desire to create colorful activewear both saved and healed. It pushed. It pulled. It guided him through the pain.

While sharing the first generation of ideas on social media, he saw people from all around Hawai’i and the United States go to the website and order the designs. That was just the start. He needed to scale the dream. The search began far and wide throughout the U.S. and abroad to find manufacturers.

Now, with a network of dedicated Craftsmen who love what they do, they produce high-quality apparel together. His designs are inspired by his love for the majestic Hawaiian Islands. Here, he discovered how Aloha has many special meanings to locals, like hello, goodbye, and love for everyone. Scott’s passion is to create unique styles that are made to be worn by yogis, athletes, Cross Fitters, and anyone who admires excellent activewear that is made to last.

It’s been Asana Hawaii’s privilege to see new and repeat customers wear the gear. Today, customers worldwide are discovering the Aloha spirit in Scott’s designs. They find them on the Asana Hawaii website, local shops, and now Amazon. To learn more visit:

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